KFE/KHE- Visitor FAQs

There are many questions that you may have when considering visiting. We have put some typical questions below that hopefully will help but if there is something specific then please do contact the  below:

Angela Kinyua
Portfolio Director
[email protected]

What are the event opening times?
Dates   Opening Hours
Tuesday 5th September   10:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 6th September   10:00 - 17:00
Thursday 7th September   10:00 - 16:00
What is the venue address?

The Sarit Centre is in the Westlands area of Nairobi. The best entrance is from Karuna Road but you can access the exhibition hall from anywhere within the shopping centre. If you head to the 2nd floor (the top) and follow signs to the Rooftop Garden then the exhibition is next door to this.

Sarit Exhibition Centre
Karuna Road

What is the cost to visiting?

Nothing, the event is completely FREE. 

How do I register?

The official registration is open a month before the evnet. Once it is ready, click HERE

Can I still register even on the event dates?

Yes, and it's still FREE - but to speed up entry, you should register online in advance, so you can receive your log ins on time

What does my registration ID get me access to?

Unlimited entry to all 3 digital event days as well as all the Daily Conferences

When will I receive my log ins?

Once you’ve registered online, we’ll send you a confirmation email. A week to the show, you will receive the log ins to the event platform which you will use to access the Grip matchmaking platform. 

What should I do if I've lost my confirmation email?

It’s fine, your details will be in our system, so just provide the registration staff with the email address you used to register online. 

What should I do if i notice my details are incorrect?

 You can email [email protected] and your details can be changed.

How can I find companies that I might be interested in?

Two ways, the first is that you’ll be handed an Event Catalogue upon entry, inside there is a complete list of exhibitors taking part with details about the products they sell. The second way is to visit our online exhibitor list where you can sort companies by industry sector and see who is exhibiting at the exhibition. Each exhibitor has a profile where you can see more information on them.

Can students attend?

Yes, provided that they are over 18 years old, are studying within the field of the exhibition and do not go around in groups of more than 4. 

Is there an age limit?

We welcome anyone to the exhibition but unfortunately, we cannot allow children into the exhibition. This is due to health and safety. Children under the age of 15 are not allowed and if under the age of 18 then they must be accompanied by their parents/guardians at all times. Child indemnity forms can be used to make exceptions for this and please go to the organiser's office upon arrival to complete this.